This article highlights how Democrats deny what’s happened the last few election cycles. Hidden in James Oliphant’s article is the sentence that “Republicans also command 32 state legislatures and have full control — meaning they hold the governor’s office and both legislative chambers — in 24 states, including swing states such as Florida, Ohio, Michigan, and Wisconsin. When President Barack Obama was elected in 2008, they controlled just nine.”

After that, we’re told that “Party insiders are reluctant to blame the popular Obama but cite plenty of reasons for the decline. These include a muddled economic message; an overemphasis on emerging demographic groups such as minorities and millennial at the expense of white voters; a perception the party is elitist and aligned with Wall Street; a reluctance to embrace the progressive populism of Senator Bernie Sanders, the former presidential hopeful; and failure to field strong candidates in key states.”

Embracing “the progressive populism of Sen. Bernie Sanders” isn’t a path back to the majority. It’s a path to oblivion. This paragraph is delusional, too:

As a result, a poor performance by the Democrats in the 2010 midterm elections gave Republicans control of statehouses across the country, allowing them to redraw legislative maps to fashion districts that would help ensure their long-term electoral success.

Democrats didn’t lose 63 seats in the House in 2010 because their candidates performed poorly. They lost because they voted for the ACA. What happened in 2010 actually started in 2009. Democrats didn’t listen to their constituents. They listened to President Obama instead. Democrats didn’t listen to their constituents when they held their townhall meetings in August, 2009. It didn’t require a rocket scientist to notice that people were upset during their meetings.

The people spoke. The politicians ignored the people. In November, 2010, the people spoke again. This time, they spoke with a loud, disapproving voice. They essentially told Democrats that they were getting punished because Democrats didn’t listen to We The People. Now in 2016, the people were heard again. They said that they don’t care about income inequality as much as they care about businesses creating good-paying middle class jobs. The people said they don’t care about transgender bathrooms in schools as much as they care about students getting a great education in school. We The People said that the EPA has gone too far and that it’s time to stop the EPA’s abusive behavior.

From a structural standpoint, it’s wise to re-implement Howard Dean’s 50-state strategy. That won’t put Democrats back in control, though. That’s because Democrats have a huge millstone hanging around their neck. The name on that millstone is Obamacare. If Democrats don’t admit that Obamacare was a mistake to implement, they’ll wander through the desert for a long time.

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