I wrote this post to highlight Gov. Dayton’s fearmongering on the MNsure/ACA reform. This weekend, he said “It’s a great political slogan. I think it had a major impact on some of the legislative races. But it’s another thing to deal with the reality of what you put in its place. They better look before they push us over the cliff.”

In the post, I replied “Gov. Dayton, quit with the fearmongering. Nobody’s talking about anything radical. In fact, Matt Dean, the chair of the House HHS Finance Committee and a member of the House HHS Reform Committee, ‘said Minnesota should replace the Affordable Care Act with its old approach, a high-risk pool to cover ill and expensive consumers who previously couldn’t get health insurance.'”

The truth is that the only thing that Gov. Dayton and the DFL have proposed thus far to ‘fix’ MNsure is a one-time bailout of people making too much to qualify for federal subsidies. Both sides agree that that’s necessary in the short-term. That isn’t controversial but it isn’t the complete fix for Minnesota’s health insurance crisis, either.

Medica has reached its self-imposed limits of policies sold through the individual markets. One-time rebates won’t fix that. This article highlights the problem facing hundreds of Minnesota families:

Medica has hit its enrollment cap for those buying through the MNsure state-run exchange, meaning only one option for people in dozens of Greater Minnesota counties who want to switch to a new health plan.

In those counties, the only option left is Blue Plus, which is the most expensive plan offered. Gov. Dayton and the DFL haven’t proposed a single solution to these families’ situation. By definition, isn’t not proposing a plan that fixes these families’ situation is the equivalent of pushing these families off a financial cliff?

It’s worth noting that there’s no need to wait. The caps were agreed to by the Dayton administration. That means this is a Minnesota-only problem. It requires a fix from Minnesota’s politicians.

It’s clear that Republicans are leading on this issue. Greg Davids, the chair of the House Taxes Committee, put forward the outline for MNsure/ACA reform. Chairman Davids’ proposal includes fixing things like cost, accessibility, families keeping their doctors and providing families more options in terms of more insurers in all parts of the state.

Gov. Dayton and the DFL are one-trick ponies. They haven’t proposed fixing anything. They’ve proposed maintaining the status quo. That isn’t leadership. That’s political cowardice, coupled with the DFL’s usual dose of demagoguery.

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