This article raises an interesting possibility. They’re raising the possibility that Colorado might give their electoral votes to Donald Trump. What caught my attention was the opening paragraphs of the article.

The opening paragraph said “Republicans took the lead in early voting in Colorado at the end of the day Friday and held the advantage through the weekend despite robust Democratic get-out-the-vote efforts.” The second paragraph said “The latest early voting numbers released Monday morning show registered Republicans cast 652,380 ballots compared to 645,020 registered Democrats — a 7,360 vote GOP advantage. The breakdown looks like this: 35.2 percent Republican, 34.8 percent Democrat and 28.5 percent unaffiliated.”

FYI- This reporting is being reported by the Denver Post.

The D-Post is also asking if Democrats took Colorado for granted, adding that the “Trump campaign is emphasizing Colorado as evidenced by the candidate’s rally Saturday in Denver — his third visit in eight days to the state. Republicans also are outspending Democrats when it comes to television advertising in the state, according to media trackers, which runs counter to most media markets.”

Colorado’s importance increases if this report is right:

Obviously, it isn’t important if Mrs. Clinton wins Florida or North Carolina. Based on the last polls, it’s definitely possible for Mrs. Clinton to win those states. I don’t think it’s likely that Mrs. Clinton wins both states but it’s possible. If Trump sweeps Florida, North Carolina and Colorado, though, something that’s viewed as possible, then holds the other red states, Trump’s president-elect.

If I had to guess, which is all that anyone can do at this point, I’d predict Mrs. Clinton winning but by a razor-thin margin in a hand-full of battleground states. Still, I’d be lying if I said Mr. Trump doesn’t have a path, albeit uphill, to victory.

The prediction that I won’t hesitate in making, though, is that Mrs. Clinton won’t have a governing mandate. Mrs. Clinton’s chief campaign message has been that she isn’t Donald Trump. She’s run a personality-driven campaign that’s been essentially substance-free. Yes, she’s played Santa Claus with free college tuition in her attempt to win over Bernie Sanders’ voters but nobody thinks she’s stupid enough to push that initiative except during the mid-term elections.

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  • Nick says:

    Most polls are rigged in favor for Hillary. did a good job crunching the numbers of the polls to account for realistic demographics. They are calling a Trump landslide.

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