This LTE, written by Mountain Iron Mayor Gary Skalko, shows how out-of-touch, not to mention scripted, the DFL is.

For instance, Skalko wrote “Both Stewart Mills III and Donald Trump were born with ‘Silver Spoons’ in their mouths. They have absolutely no connection or affiliation to the middle class. They have no idea who we are and what we really stand for and believe in.”

Really? Shame on Skalko for demeaning the construction industry that Mr. Trump has been successful in. Shame on Skalko for demeaning Mills Fleet Farm, one of the most popular retail chains for farmers and the middle class in Minnesota history. While it’s indisputable that Mssrs. Trump and Mills are wealthy, it’s equally indisputable that they’ve paid attention to what’s happening in the real world. After starting out stocking shelves at the family business, Mills eventually was put in charge of the company’s benefits program. By all accounts, Mills employees have vastly better health care than do people buying health insurance on MNsure. They certainly aren’t paying Cadillac plan premiums for catastrophic policies.

Hillary told Diane Sawyer that they were “dead broke and in debt” when they left the White House:

Most people who have mortgages are in debt. Further, like most things she’s said, they weren’t dead broke. Before joining the Senate, Hillary Clinton wrote her first memoirs, collecting millions of dollars for the book.

Meanwhile, Rick Nolan has criticized Mills for being wealthy. During his first stint in office, I don’t recall him criticizing Jay Rockefeller, John Kerry or Ted Kennedy for being wealthy. I’ve never heard him criticize Dianne Feinstein or Nancy Pelosi for being wealthy.

I’d love hearing Mr. Nolan’s explanation for why he hasn’t criticized the Clinton Foundation for ruining Haiti after the earthquake. The DFL’s outrage, apparently, is selective. It certainly isn’t consistent.

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  • Terry Stone says:

    I thank Mayor Gary Skalko for clarifying exactly what delineates the anatomy of the classes of the DFL class warfare scheme. I was hoping that class was related to accomplishment, community contribution, reputation or education. No, class just means money according to Skalko. Worse yet, money and the middle class values that we respect so much are mutually exclusive.

    This is strange because liberals themselves aspire to be filthy rich–preferably without working for the money. Why else would they buy lottery tickets?

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