I just wrote this post about Rose and John Lang. They’re farmers near Richmond, MN. Rep. Mary Franson represents a rural district with lots of farmers. This morning, Rep. Franson took to Twitter to tell people about the crisis-causing health insurance premiums. One story she told talked about Vern. According to the notification letter Vern recently received, Vern’s monthly premium for 2016 was $961.12. According to the letter, Vern’s plan isn’t a MNsure plan so it isn’t available anymore. The cheapest plan available to him through MNsure will charge him $1,898.56 a month.

According to Tina Liebling, “Obamacare was set up to make a failed insurance system work better. People need health care, not insurance.” That’s DFL propaganda. Further, it’s a dodge from the heart of the matter. The ACA is failing so badly that people who have health insurance can’t afford to use it. One of those people is Mary Katherine Ham. Mary Katherine wrote about her situation in this article for the Federalist. What she wrote is heartbreaking. Here’s the heartbreaking part:

This year, my premium is going up 96 percent. Ninety-six percent. My monthly payment, which was the amount of a decent car payment, is now the size of a moderate mortgage. The president refers to these for thousands of citizens as ‘a few bugs’ when to us it feels like a flameout. For this astronomical payment, I get a plan with an astronomical deductible that my healthy family of three will likely never hit except in the most catastrophic of circumstances.

Rep. Liebling, the ACA created a situation where people are insured but they’re paying for most of their medical costs out of pocket. As for the good things that the ACA has done, the truth is that Minnesota’s pre-ACA system was insuring a high percentage of Minnesotans at a fraction of the cost that farmers are getting hit with in these notices. Here’s Vern’s notification letter:

The fact that Gov. Dayton, Tina Liebling and the DFL are attempting to defend the indefensible is offensive. Repealing the ACA isn’t throwing out the baby with the bathwater. The ACA is nothing but bathwater.

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