This article highlights just how popular Donald Trump is with blue collar workers. It also highlights the fact that Democrats don’t own the Iron Range like they once did. A decade ago, it wouldn’t have been imaginable to see a paragraph that said “The vice presidents wanted working class voters to know they still have a home in their party. The fight for the 8th District — home to the mining region known as the Iron Range — is a story about evolving political topography and economic frustration, just as much as it is a tale of two well-known personalities dueling for the second time in as many years.”

Earlier in the article, it said “Former Vice President Walter Mondale, who addressed the standing-room-only crowd at the Nolan Annual Fish Fry in Brainerd last Thursday, and incumbent Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr., who spoke in Duluth the next day, had a bigger message than just saving their friend’s seat.”

Vice President Biden and Vice President Mondale aren’t telling the truth. Today’s Democratic Party hates working class voters. Ask yourself this: when was the last time a Democrat fought against environmental activists? When was the last time this administration sided with the pipefitters, not the environmental activists? Think Keystone XL Pipeline and you’ll have your answer. If you need something more recent, think Dakota Access Pipeline or the Sandpiper Pipeline before it. The Democratic Party used to love working class people. It doesn’t anymore.

Stewart Mills has reason to hope, especially after this:

Removing his Carhartt jacket and sitting down for coffee, Mills had reason to feel good. He’d seen a photo of the Biden rally from earlier in the day showing a relatively sparse crowd. And he’d just heard on the radio that the FBI was investigating Clinton’s emails again.

We’ll find out a week from today what all this means in terms of who wins. At this point, though, there’s no question that there’s lots of momentum on the Trump-Mills side. This 30-second spot will help strengthen and sustain that momentum:

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