Michael Brodkorb’s MinnPost article highlights what goes into an effective mailer. Mr. Brodkorb’s article highlights a mailer paid for by the Minnesota Action Network, a political action committee chaired by former U.S. Senator Norm Coleman. In his article, Mr. Brodkorb says that the mailer is effective because the “mail from Coleman’s group targets numerous DFL senators, including State Sen. Lyle Koenen, who is featured in grainy images while sitting in committee hearings at the Minnesota State Capitol, squinting or with his glasses on the end of his nose. Along with the pictures of Koenen, there is also a picture of a father sitting with his daughter, presumably struggling to figure out how to pay for the rising costs of the family’s health care.”

Another thing playing into the effectiveness of the mailer, according to Mr. Brodkorb, is the fact that health care is the topic in Minnesota this campaign season. It’s difficult to dispute that, especially considering the fact that Gov. Dayton keeps defending his indefensible statements and the fact that Minnesotans are justifiably terrified figuring out how they’ll pay for their family’s health insurance. Here’s the front and back of the Koenen mailer:

An ad that isn’t so effective is a negative mailer from the DFL against the GOP-endorsed candidate for SD-14, Jerry Relph. The picture on the front of the mailer is of a tea bag with the message saying “Meet TEA Party politician Jerry Relph.” The back of the mailer says “Tax breaks for big corporations, tax hikes for us. Government shutdown. Special interests before our kids.”

The reason why this mailer isn’t effective is because a) it’s 6 years too late. The TEA Party, for better or worse, is ancient history for apolitical voters and b) the DFL has used the same tired lies about Republican “tax cuts for big corporations” and “tax hikes for us.”

The DFL thinks voters are stupid. Why else would they think people would buy into their line that they’ve had their taxes raised? Surely, people who work hard know whether their taxes increased. The DFL’s messaging on taxes has been a series of outright lies. They’ve used it for years. The State House of Representatives has had a GOP majority 4 of the last 6 years. Republicans held the majority in the State Senate for 2 of the past 6 years. This year, Republicans have a strong chance of flipping it back to a GOP majority again.

The hit piece against Mr. Relph isn’t likely to work. It’s likely to fall short because his opponent is all about happy talk. Relph’s opponent isn’t capable of holding a substantive conversation on the important issues of the day. When you aren’t capable of winning those types of battles, you have to resort to mudslinging. That’s what’s happening with the DFL in SD-14.

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2 Responses to “Effective ads vs. ineffective ads”

  • eric z says:

    From Norm? Mailbox to trashcan is whose idea of effectiveness? That’s the likely scenario once folks know it is Norm and his secret cadre of millionaires wanting to keep the 99% hoodwinked.

    BOTTOM LINE: A mailer from an untrustworthy and ineffective source is untrustworthy and ineffective, per se.

  • Gary Gross says:

    I think it’s up to each person what they’ll do with their mailer.

    As for your faith in Minnesotans, it’s inspiring. NOT.

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