According to this NY Times article, Steny Hoyer announced that the House will return to a 4 day work week next year:

The House majority leader, Representative Steny H. Hoyer of Maryland, told fellow Democrats this week that the House would not be in session next year on Fridays, except in June for work on appropriations bills.

Explaining that decision to reporters, Mr. Hoyer said, “I do intend to have more time for members to work in their districts and to be close to their families.”

Minority Whip Roy Blunt quickly gave him a jab:

“Is this a reward for our accomplishments in 2007?” asked Representative Roy Blunt of Missouri, the Republican whip.

Democrats campaigned that they’d work 5 days a week and get more done for the American people. Their record doesn’t indicate that they’ve gotten much done, though. This congress hasn’t gotten much of anything done. They’ve earned the title of The Congress that Wouldn’t Govern. President Bush hammered them on their thin list of accomplishments:

And on Friday, President Bush once again hammered Congressional Democrats, accusing them of failing to meet basic responsibilities like approving annual budget bills and confirming his nominee for attorney general, Michael B. Mukasey.

“This is not what Congressional leaders promised when they took control of Congress earlier this year,” Mr. Bush said. “Congress needs to keep their promise, to stop wasting time, and get essential work done on behalf of the American people.”

Congress fired back in this lame way:

The Democrats, by contrast, say that after 10 months of putting in longer days and weeks, they have made significant gains. They cited legislation, including an increase in the minimum wage and new ethics and lobbying rules, as well as in the nitty-gritty work of House committees, which they say has provided much-needed oversight of the Bush administration and will also set the stage for an ambitious agenda next year.

The ethics reforms they passed were RINOs: Reform In Name Only. Their ‘oversight hearings’ didn’t look into how to improve government’s performance. They looked for ways to embarass the Bush administration. They talk about “laying the groundwork for an ambitious agenda” in 2008 but they still haven’t passed a single appropriations bill. That’s proof of their ineptitude and their lack of prioritization skills.

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