The more I dig into this corruption, the more upset I get. This article chronicles how bureaucrats at PHEAA think that they’ve achieved a major accomplishment. Here’s what PHEAA is touting as proof of their reform agenda:

Employee appreciation events at the state’s student financial aid agency have been suspended. Bonuses that were to go to mid-level managers were stopped. The executive compensation program that has about a dozen people making more than Gov. Ed Rendell’s $164,396 salary is under review.

It’s obvious that PHEAA hopes this satisfies the public. It won’t. In fact, people are already taking shots at it:

“I think it’s a cleverly worded response,” Wagner said of PHEAA’s letter. “It leads us to believe they are not fully committed to positive change, and…I’m more concerned that the culture still is one of a private agency rather than a state agency.”

One thing to always remember about bureaucrats is that they’re control freaks. They don’t like relinquishing power. They’d much rather accumulate power. I’d bet that they’re seething that Mr. Wagner is looking over their shoulders. I’ll bet that they want him out of their office ASAP.

Here’s a glimpse at their culture of corruption:

His audit report also found PHEAA had spent $108,000 on an employee ppreciation event at Hersheypark last spring (PHEAA contended employees actually paid for about $29,000 of that cost). Wagner’s report also urged the agency’s board not to simply add the bonuses into the salaries.

“It’s a public agency,” Wagner said. “The public agency should be making decisions sensitive to the public.”

What the hell was PHEAA thinking spending $110,000 on an “employee appreciation event”? Let’s give them the benefit of the doubt and stipulate that PHEAA employees paid $30,000 of the $110,000. That’s still spending $80,000 on an event. That’s in addition to their spending millions on bonuses & salaries.

Theoretically, PHEAA works for We The People. Practically speaking, Pennsylvanians are working to support PHEAA’s lavish lifestyle. It’s indicative of an attitude that says “The public’s needs come second to my wants.” That type of corruption won’t be tolerated any longer. It ends RIGHT HERE. It ends RIGHT NOW.

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