Minnesota’s health insurance crisis was exclusively created by the DFL. They own this crisis because a) they created it, b) they voted down every amendment proposed by Republicans and c) the DFL sat on a GOP bill that would’ve fixed many of the problems.

This LTE highlights just how big this crisis is. What caught my attention is the paragraph that says “The new rates for MNsure are now available. The cheapest rate I could find for my wife and myself is $1,866 a month, or $22,292 a year, with a $12,800 copay, if we have to use the plan. That is $35,192 for one year.”

That might be affordable for DFL elitists like Gov. Dayton but it’s ultra-expensive to farmers and other small business owners. Meanwhile, while middle class Minnesotans get hurt, DFL congressional candidates like Angie Craig, Rick Nolan and Terri Bonoff haven’t proposed anything new to fix the ACA. While it’s disappointing, it’s predictable. That trio of Democrats are ideologues when it comes to health care. Nolan has always favored single-payer. Bonoff voted to create MNsure. Ms. Craig said that she’d “fight to expand” Obamacare:

Seriously? Why would a sane person “fight to expand” this disaster? This gentleman and his wife are the perfect illustration, not that it’s a positive thing, of a couple trapped in the middle class squeeze. In addition to their out-of-pocket expenses for health care, it isn’t a stretch to think that they’ll have to pay $20,000-$30,000 a year in income and property taxes.

Thanks to Obamacare, this couple will have little take-home pay left to do anything, much less save for retirement or for their kids’ college education. It’s time to rip this plan down and start fresh, preferably with something similar to the plan proposed by Senate Republicans.

The trio of Bonoff, Craig and Nolan have a) created this disaster, b) want to expand this disaster and c) wants government in total control of health care respectively. That’s something Minnesotans can’t afford.

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