Cindy Harner is the chairwoman of the SD-14 DFL. Suffice it to say that she isn’t a stranger to spin. In this LTE, Ms. Harner opens her LTE by saying “Not sure your vote matters? In House District 14B there are roughly 18,000 registered voters. With over $1 million spent in the 2014 election in this district, mostly from outside interests, you can be sure your vote matters. Zach Dorholt is against this. He recently said ‘It’s irritating. I don’t want any of it. I don’t care if it supports me or is against me…people in our district they’re angry, they’re sick and tired of it.'”

Of course, Dorholt isn’t telling the truth about this. He’s bought and paid for by the DFL’s special interests. When he was in the legislature in 2013-14, Rep. Dorholt voted for the forced unionization of in-home child care providers even though they wanted nothing to do with the AFSCME union. These in-home child care providers proved they didn’t want the union by soundly rejecting unionization by a vote of 1,014-392 this past March. That’s a 72%-28% rejection.

A quick glance at Dorholt’s campaign finance report highlights the fact that Mr. Dorholt is bought and paid for by the unions:

Simply put, Mr. Dorholt’s statement that he doesn’t want special interest money is dishonest. He should be ashamed of himself for being this dishonest. Ms. Harner should be ashamed for writing this, too:

We have a slate of local candidates ready to make a change for the better. They have fresh ideas and a passion for improving things important to Central Minnesota – things like infrastructure, education funding and health care.

I won’t trust these DFL politicians with health care. They’re the idiots that ruined Minnesota’s already-functioning health care system. Why trust them to fix a system that needs a transformation? Wolgamott and Dorholt aren’t transformational people. They’re agents for the DFL’s status quo. They’ll do whatever Rep. Thissen and Sen. Bakk tell them to do.

Further, these DFL candidates won’t fight for roads and bridges funding. They’ll fight for light rail transit, which is a total waste of money.

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