It’s amazing that the Duluth News Tribune, aka the DNT, endorsed Republican Rob Farnsworth to replace Carly Melin to represent the people of Nashwauk, Keewatin, Chisholm and Buhl in the Minnesota House of Representatives.

DNT’s endorsement wasn’t tepid, either, stating “he’s also the best bet for effective, strong leadership in St. Paul. Far from an ideologue, he’s an independent thinker with clear goals and specific priorities who’d work for all, not just a party.”

Farnsworth talked about the thing that Ken Martin, Rick Nolan and the DFL don’t want to talk about, saying “The DFL that most Iron Rangers are voting for hasn’t existed for 20 years. The DFL in the Twin Cities that has taken over the DFL in Minnesota, wants to end mining. At their convention and then again at their executive board meeting in the Twin Cities, they tried to pass an anti-mining resolution that I believe will be passed in November because they just pushed it down (the road). This is not a group that is in favor of mining.”

This is the strongest statement by the DNT Editorial Board in the endorsement article:

No matter what political affiliation, Farnsworth rises to the top of this three-way race with a stronger grasp of the issues facing Minnesotans and our Legislature and with his clearly stated and specific goals. They include improving the Iron Range and Minnesota economies by growing jobs; educational plans that make sense for all students; and transportation projects that benefit the greatest number of Minnesotans, meaning more bridge and highway work instead of massive light-rail projects in the Twin Cities that don’t even promise to take cars off the congested roads.

Farnsworth made a ton of sense when he said this:

“With the metro DFL attacking mining, attacking our way of life on the Iron Range, I’m not sure that my kids are going to be able to stay here and raise their family here if that’s what they want to do,” Farnsworth said. “That’s why I’m running for this seat.”

It’s time for the Range to reject the DFL. The metro DFL’s priorities aren’t the Range’s priorities.

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