If anyone needs proof that the DFL hates laborers (the L in DFL supposedly stands for Laborer), they should look at this map of the new alternative route that Enbridge will use to get their Bakken oil to market:

I wrote this post to highlight the DFL’s indifference to pipefitters and other blue collar workers. The metro DFL environmental activists threw up hurdle after hurdle to prevent the Sandpiper Pipeline. The DFL won. The Sandpiper Pipeline won’t be built. Enbridge decided to avoid Minnesota and route their pipeline through North and South Dakota, Iowa and Illinois.

The oil will flow. The commodity will still make it to market. The DFL ‘won’, if you consider losing hundreds of high-paying heavy equipment jobs to other states winning. (HINT: The Metro DFL thinks this is a victory. Since the Metro DFL runs the party, the DFL considers this a victory.)

The DFL isn’t the party of the blue collar workers. This is who they are:

Today’s DFL is led by a trust fund governor who’s lived a life of carefree luxury. It’s led by a House Minority Leader who lives in a tony Minneapolis enclave and pays more in property taxes than some people make in a year. It’s led by a clownish U.S. Senator who made a fortune playing the fool in Hollywood, writing vacuous trash while doing dope. All three live in Minneapolis and consider walking down to the farmer’s market to pick up some kale to be “farming.”

That isn’t all. Think of this:

Of course, the antidote for this malaise would be to get more mining jobs up and running, especially for those minerals, ferrous and non-ferrous, that have recovered in price point. But the urban elites who run the DFL won’t allow it. Instead, they engage in a cynical game of stringing people along, claiming that there’s just “one more” environmental regulation to clear.

Years later, miners are still waiting for good jobs. They won’t be coming, at least so long as Mark Dayton is governor. You see, there is no intention to allow this mining to start up. It’s all a smoke screen to cop some more votes out of Iron Rangers for the next election.

It’s about the false hope. The DFL party has delayed considering a resolution to oppose mining. It wasn’t defeated. Only delayed until after the election.

The DFL abandoned farmers, the F in the DFL, when Gov. Dayton vetoed a tax relief bill that would’ve provided hundreds of farmers property tax relief. Gov. Dayton didn’t fight for farmers. Instead, Gov. Dayton fought for the SWLRT project.

When it was decision time, Gov. Dayton and the DFL fought farmers, laborers and other blue collar workers. They fought for environmental activists and the metro.

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2 Responses to “DFL hates farmers, laborers”

  • eric z says:

    You disrespect Angie Craig and Rick Nolan, but your party has yet to offer a viable alternative. Mills III and the talk radio bloviator with a John Galt complex are jokes.

    Mills III comes across as a decades later Dan Quayle. Born on third base, etc.

  • Gary Gross says:

    That’s an opinion, not a statement of fact. I thoroughly reject your opinion. If Jason Lewis is so terrible, why did Paul Wellstone enjoy debating him on a weekly basis? Those shows were some of the best radio that’s ever been done.

    Stewart Mills’ ‘crime against humanity’ is that his family made money selling quality products to farmers, mechanics & families at reasonable prices. Oh, the inhumanity of the Mills family selling people good products at fair prices. As for being born on third base, that’s just the DFL’s class warfare propaganda. Who cares what base a person was born on? I didn’t hear you complaining that Gov. Dayton was born on third base. I didn’t hear you criticize Paul Thissen for living in a home whose property taxes are more than many people make in a year. Why haven’t you been consistent on that, Eric? Is it because you’ve turned a blind eye towards people you agree with? Shame on you.

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