Is it possible that Betsy Hodges is the biggest airhead liberal big city mayor in the United States? It appears so. After the violent protests at last Friday’s Trump fundraiser, Keith Downey sent Mayor Hodges a letter, which I wrote about here. In response, Mayor Hodges replied “I expect everyone in Minneapolis to behave with civility and respect. Minneapolis has a long history of effectively balancing public safety with First Amendment rights. I continue to be confident in the ability of the Minneapolis Police Department to manage protests in accordance with these principles.”

What planet is she from? Expecting people in the Twin Cities to “behave with civility and respect” weeks after BlackLivesMatter threw concrete blocks and construction rebar at police officers on I-94 in St. Paul is like throwing a piece of meat between 2 hungry Dobermans and expecting them to behave with civility. Anyone with a brain knows that’s a foolish expectation. Anyone with common sense knows that expecting civility from thugs is as foolish as expecting Bonnie and Clyde to not rob banks that advertise that their vaults are open 24-7.

Let’s rewrite Ms. Hodges’ statement for honesty. Here’s what I’d write:

I expect most of the people in Minneapolis to behave with civility and respect. Unfortunately, there are thugs, in both Minneapolis and St. Paul, who have shown a propensity towards anarchy and violence. Minneapolis has had a lengthy history of effectively balancing public safety with citizens’ First Amendment rights. These anarchists and thugs threaten that reputation. Their acts of violence won’t be tolerated. We will do everything we can to apprehend these thugs and bring them to justice.

It’s time for DFL politicians to announce a zero-tolerance policy towards acts of violence and anarchy.

3 Responses to “Betsy Hodges, liberal airhead?”

  • eric z says:

    Dobermans need proper vetting, but when they are at war is it possible?

  • Gary Gross says:

    So you’re saying the Minneapolis PD is at war with Republicans? I thought their responsibility was to enforce existing laws.

  • Chad Q says:

    I have 2 Doberman’s and know a lot of people who have them and they do not deserve the reputation they have been given. Two labs would do the same thing. I know you were just using them as an example but it does frustrate me at times when I know the breed doesn’t deserve the rap they get. But I digress.

    Bicycle Lane Betsy and her lesbian police chief (I only put lesbian in there because Minneapolis made sure we knew and always know about that part of her life) are two of the most incompetent people to ever run a major city.
    It is not a first amendment right to punch, spray paint, mug, etc. people when they are trying to attend a political function.
    I laugh that Shillary is trying to pin KKK support to Trump meanwhile progressive thugs are actually beating people up in Minneapolis and not a word is said.

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