Let’s be clear about something from the start. Today’s DFL activists are thugs without character. They’re people who should be locked up for years. Last week, there was a fundraiser in Minneapolis for GOP presidential nominee Donald J. Trump. DFL protesters didn’t bother trying to act like decent human beings. They acted like thugs. In fact, some of them allegedly committed crimes. That’s right. Some DFL thugs allegedly committed crimes.

Betsey Hodges needs to answer for her decisions. Ken Martin needs to be asked why DFL protesters are thugs, not protesters. Minneapolis police need to explain who told them to not protect people attending the Trump fundraiser. At this point, none of those things have happened.

Apparently, Mayor Hodges didn’t beef up security for the Trump event. Why she didn’t anticipate a violent reception is beyond explanation This is the Twin Cities, after all, the place where Black Lives Matter protesters started the night by blocking traffic on I-94 before escalating that to throwing cement blocks and rebar at police officers.

Even someone as airheaded as Betsey Hodges should’ve figured it out that violence was imminent. This didn’t require a rocket scientist. Betsey Hodges should’ve figured this out. Check out this video:

There’s no need for Keith Downey to demand an apology of anyone. There’s no need to halfheartedly criticize Ken Martin. What’s required is a chairman who would’ve told reporters that Ken Martin is the chairman of a political party that’s composed mostly of two-bit thugs and lowlifes. What’s required is a chairman that will call Betsey Hodges incompetent to run a Kool-Aid stand, much less a large city.

Chairman Downey, there’s a time for politeness. This wasn’t one of those times. Friday night was a time for you to empty both barrels at Betsey Hodges for not protecting citizens visiting her city. Friday night was a night to expose the DFL as the party that panders to the violent thugs of the Black Lives Matter movement of thugs.

3 Responses to “Today’s DFL activists: thugs”

  • J. Ewing says:

    I see Ken Martin did promptly offer the required apology, but that isn’t nearly enough. The mayor should have apologized and announced a zero tolerance policy, promising mass arrests and punishment for another such occurrence. Finally, what is needed is for the Star Tribune to splash this story across multiple headlines for a week, and somehow without all of the weasel-wording they usually use to promote their obnoxious double standard.

  • Rex Newman says:

    The Strib did editorialize against this today, not forcefully, but I liked their closing, that the only protest that truly matters is at the ballot box. But the real story, the real problem is the continuing shrug of almost every DFL’er I know. Whether it’s unions, Black Lives Matter, or Phyllis Kahn, hey, what’s the big deal? Ditto for voter fraud and unabashed lying. “It’s what we do.”

  • Gary Gross says:

    Thanks Rex. I’m tired of the phrase where they say that politicians are crooks but “that’s baked into the cake.” To steal a phrase from Col. Potter, “Mule Muffins!”

    I certainly didn’t give politicians a pass for lying. I certainly didn’t give the media permission to speak for me on whether it’s ok for politicians to lie.

    As for apologies, I don’t want to hear them. Does anyone think that Ken Martin is sincerely upset that the protesters got violent? I don’t.

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