About 45 minutes ago, the sirens went off. A minute later, the local weather station announced a tornado warning for “Benton and Stearns counties.” At the time, the tornado warning was set to expire at 6:45 pm. At that time, the tornado that had touched down was moving northeast at 35 mph.

The tornado warning has been extended until 7:15 pm.

Further, weather spotters reported that a tornado had touched down in Sartell, about 5-6 miles to the north of me.

UPDATE: A friend just called me. My friend said that a funnel cloud had passed to the north of Cathedral High School. When I asked where the storm had passed, my friend said it passed to the St. Cloud Hospital side of Cathedral.

UPDATE II: A tornado has been spotted east of St. Cloud. Foley is expected to get hit within the next 3-5 minutes.

UPDATE III: The NWS has issued a severe thunderstorm east of Foley. That cell is moving at 20 mph. Additionally, the tornado warning for Kandiyohi County has expired but another tornado warning has been issued for central Stearns County.

The tornado warning for eastern Benton County is set to expire at 7:45. Stay tuned, though. This cell has spawned at least 4 tornado touchdowns.

UPDATE IV: This should get people’s attention:

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