It’s become clear that #BlackLivesMatter isn’t interested in healing racial divides. They’re proving that they’re interested in injuring police officers. At least one officer is injured. Police are reporting that “protesters started arming themselves with rebar from the construction site” and that police then used smoke and glass balls to clear the crowd. Protestors also threw glass bottles and liquids at the officers. One officer is injured from being hit with a glass bottle.”

The Star Tribune is reporting that as “many as 200 protesters were blocking both the eastbound and westbound lanes of the major traffic artery connecting Minneapolis and St. Paul near the Lexington exits. Many sat on the freeway while others stood, the air filled with yelling and chanting. Some onlookers were climbing over the freeway fence to join the blockade, with the crowd swelling to an estimated 300 people filling the lanes in both directions.”

KSTP-TV is reporting that “St. Paul Police say 3 officers have been injured so far in I-94 protests #PhilandoCastile.” Meanwhile, #BlackLivesMatter- Minneapolis posted this picture:

Meanwhile, some of the best ‘reporting’ is coming from Twitter. For instance, this just got reported:

People now chanting “let the kids out”. Police agreeing to.

Then there’s this:

Aggressors still throwing fireworks and rocks at officers’ heads.

That came at 11:08 pm. The bad news is that things are spiraling out of control elsewhere, too:

reports of Shots Fired At Houston Police Officers

It’s going to be a long night in St. Paul:

Rebar is again being thrown at officers from a bridge above the freeway.

Yes, that’s a different report than the one earlier. From this point forward, I’ll try to differentiate between protesters and criminals. The people throwing rebar at officers aren’t protesters. They’ll be criminals if they can be located and arrested. This would definitely be considered criminal activity if it’s confirmed:

Dallas PD confirms it received an anonymous threat against law enforcement across the city; has taken precautionary measures.

The violence is somewhat limited but that’s a relative term. I’m going to publish this post now because, frankly, Twitter is giving the timeliest updates. Check back to LFR tomorrow for a round-up of tonight’s violence.

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