This is the time of year when hope springs eternal for legislative hopefuls. Think of it like the spring training for state politics. One pretender that’s feeling particularly enthusiastic is Ann Buckvold. She’s the DFL-endorsed candidate for House District 13B. This morning, Ms. Buckvold sent me a flurry or tweets explaining why she should be taken seriously.

In those tweets, she said “I’m running for the people of district 13A. I love hearing a Republican say, “You are a Democrat I would love to support.” Upon committing $$ to my campaign. I have Republicans and fiscal conservatives in my district who also have told me I have their vote. One guy in 14A told me he wished he and his wife could move to my district just to vote for me. Then that same guy sent me a check for more than originally committed. I also have Republicans in 13B who are supporting me. Yes, that’s plural. They’ve lived in the area a long time.”

Being the heartless, mean-spirited conservative that I am, I asked Ms. Buckvold if she’d written her concession speech yet. Seriously, I wasn’t being mean-spirited. I just saw what the 2014 election looked like. It wasn’t pretty:

In 2014, the DFL candidate won 3 of the 25 precincts in the district. Jeff Howe, the GOP incumbent, won with 60.6% of the vote. If you eliminate Rockville, the reddest precinct in HD-13B, from the vote totals, Rep. Howe would still have won with 59.5% of the vote. FYI- How won Rockville with 722 votes compared with 255 votes for the DFL’s sacrificial lamb, meaning that Rep. Howe won that district with 74% of the vote.

You know it’s a safe district when you can eliminate the reddest precinct and still win with 59.5% of the vote.

My analysis isn’t mean-spirited. It’s just based on verified facts.

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  • JerryE9 says:

    Interesting that DFLers sound a lot like Republicans when they run for office, and then vote with the rest of the DFL once elected? As we say of our DFL Senator here in a red district, “Heck of a nice guy, but he’s in the DFL. Nothing wrong with them individually, it’s when they get in packs…”

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