Friday night, I watched David Wohl debate Guy Benson about Donald Trump’s bigoted statements about Judge Curiel. I watched in amazement because Trish Regan, who was guest-hosting for Megyn Kelly, brought up the question that Trump had attacked Judge Curiel to take attention away from his Trump University lawsuits.

Wohl seemed to think that was possible. If that was Trump’s strategy, it was an exceptionally foolish strategy. The Trump University lawsuits essentially accuse Trump of being a crook, promising people a path to riches if they just followed the Trump blueprint for success.

Trump’s statement that Judge Curiel hated Trump because Trump is promising to build a wall on the US-Mexican border is outright bigotry. It isn’t brilliant to call attention to your bigotry rather than your dishonesty. Trump is hoping that he can increase turnout of lower-income white people. It’s as if Trump thinks he can win by winning the bigot vote. The thing is that there aren’t enough bigots in enough states for Trump to win.

Had Trump been smart, he would’ve accused the judge of being appointed by President Obama. Had he done that, he would’ve taken attention away from being accused of being a crook and put the spotlight on Obama’s judges

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  • Bob J. says:

    Donald Trump is the most odious human being ever to seek the Presidency.

    Given that Hillary Clinton is currently running and we’ve had a race-baiting socialist running the country for the last seven years, this is quite a statement to make.

  • eric z says:

    Trump is not as bad as Paul Ryan.

    Trump may be a crook and bigot; but he’s not yet shown himself to be more hostile to the poor than Scrooge, which is the Paul Ryan persona.

    I would take Trump over Ryan in a heartbeat. There is hope for Trump; Ryan is beyond hope.

  • AHodge says:

    rish is right about attacking Curiel. it will give his followers an excuse to ignore the bad news now and a possible judgment against him.
    Trump is also timeline challenged. He only went negative on Mexicans–build a wall– about a half year ago. This judge has been on the case nearly two years, plenty of time to give the summary dismissal trump wants, before he went negative on Mexicans.

  • Gary Gross says:

    Eric, you haven’t paid attention, have you?

  • Bob J. says:

    While usually it’s a given that Eric isn’t paying attention, he does bring up a point. Both Ryan and Trump are fake conservatives.

    Yet, there’s no hope for Trump. His brand of misogyny, racism, bullying and incompetence can’t be fixed. His Stormtrumpers disagree, but the only way the Republican Party’s problems are even close to fixable is for a delegate revolt in Cleveland.

  • Gary Gross says:

    I agree with the open revolt plan.

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