This weekend, Sarah Palin told CNN’s Jake Tapper that Paul Ryan was “soon to be Cantored, as in Eric Cantor.” Predictably, RightWisconsin responded, asking “So how much clout will Caribou Barbie bring to the anti-Ryan crusade? Not much.”

Let’s be blunt about a couple of things. First, Sarah Palin has said so many foolish things that she simply isn’t respected by mainstream Republicans. And when I say mainstream Republicans, I’m not talking about the GOP Establishment. I’m talking about the hard-working GOP activists that volunteer countless hours building the Republican Party only to watch crackpots like Donald Trump and Sarah Palin tear it apart.

Second, Mrs. Palin’s stupidity was highlighted when she predicted Speaker Ryan’s defeat. RightWisconsin noted that “The last Marquette University Law School Poll showed Paul Ryan had a 76 percent approval rating from Wisconsin Republicans.” When Cantor lost his primary, voter discontent was widespread. Voter discontent for Speaker Ryan is virtually nonexistent in Speaker Ryan’s district.

Finally, this is the last impression Mrs. Palin left with Wisconsin Republicans:

It wasn’t a positive impression.

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