Everyone knows that Donald Trump’s ego won’t let him admit that he isn’t winning or that the latest poll doesn’t have him in the lead. The latest spin from Trump’s campaign attempts to make it look like he’s leading. Saying that the devil is in the details fits the Trump campaign’s latest take on this week’s Fox Business poll.

To hear a Trump supporter’s take on it, Trump leads Cruz and Kasich 37% to 26% to 26%…with “WI Independent voters.” That statistic is accurate but incomplete. What isn’t mentioned is that women “back Cruz over Trump by a 19-point margin (46-27 percent).” It doesn’t mention that “Cruz’s advantage over the real estate mogul also comes from self-described “very” conservative voters, who give him a 36-point lead (61 percent Cruz vs. 25 percent Trump)” or that white “evangelical Christians voting in the GOP primary prefer Cruz over Trump by 49-28 percent.”

The simple truth is that there aren’t enough independent voters to swing the election in Trump’s favor. There aren’t enough independent voters to even make it close. For the moment, this is the only result that matters:

Cruz garners 42 percent among Wisconsin likely GOP primary voters, while Trump receives 32 percent. John Kasich comes in third with 19 percent.

There’s a reason why Trump isn’t holding multiple rallies each day in Wisconsin and why Trump is only calling into the national radio talk shows.

Earlier this week, Trump called into conservative Wisconsin talk radio shows. He got beaten up pretty badly by Charley Sykes. When he called into Vicki McKenna’s show, things got so bad that he hung up on her. Wisconsin conservatives will make up a significant percentage of voters next Tuesday. If that’s the case, expect Trump to lose by double digits. Expect this graphic to quickly fade from memory:

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