It isn’t surprising that the Alliance for a Better Minnesota is raising a stink about Kurt Daudt’s paying off debt that he incurred when he was unemployed a few years back. ABM and the DFL don’t have a positive agenda to run on so going negative is their natural default. When it comes to making things up, ABM is a pro’s pro. Their webpage dedicated to Speaker Daudt says “When politicians and lobbyists make deals, Minnesotans deserve to know the details.”

There’s no proof that Speaker Daudt made a special deal. ABM doesn’t care about that. They’re experts in whisper campaigns. They’d be well-advised to shut up. If they don’t, some of their dirty laundry will get exposed. In 2012, DFL Rep. Kerry Gauthier was arrested by the Duluth Police Department for having sex with a 17-year-old boy at the Thompson Hill Rest Stop at the south end of Duluth. That arrest was made on July 22, 2012. Rep. Thissen didn’t say anything about this disgusting incident until August 20, 2012. Even then, Thissen’s statement was mild, saying “I am deeply disappointed with Rep. Kerry Gauthier’s conduct. The conduct was wrong and … I believe he should withdraw from the race for re-election.”

Why did Rep. Thissen wait a month before addressing Rep. Gauthier’s disgusting behavior? For that matter, DFL Chairman Ken Martin sat silent, too. When he finally spoke up, here’s the timid statement he made:

His actions are inexcusable. The people of Duluth deserve a representative who will stand up for their interests, without the sort of distractions that Rep. Gauthier has caused through exceedingly poor judgment.

When a 60-year-old has sex with a 17-year-old at a public rest stop, that isn’t displaying “exceedingly poor judgment.” That’s disgusting behavior.

Mssrs. Martin and Thissen didn’t answer the big questions. For instance, why didn’t they speak out sooner about Gauthier’s disgusting behavior? Next, why were their statements so timid? Where’s their moral outrage over Gauthier’s disgusting behavior?

Finally, shouldn’t Martin and Thissen have spoken out immediately out of a sense of responsibility to Minnesotans? Some things go far beyond politics. Gauthier’s arrest is one of those things. That Martin and Thissen sat silent for a month indicates that they’re ok with Gauthier’s behavior, at least until the story was about to break.

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  • eric z says:

    What would be a positive outcome on Daudt’s part would be a willingness, based on personal experience, to work with DFL legislators to curb the extreme and shameful credit card debt rates that are allowed as an exemption to the usury law of Minnesota.

    It could be a Constitutional Amendment proposal for the November ballot. Who’d be against it besides Pawlenty and his Banking Roundtable?

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