Donald Trump has used one of the central tenets of reality TV to jump into the lead in the race to be the GOP presidential nominee. That’s fine. All’s fair with tactics as long as they aren’t illegal. The old saying that “politics ain’t beanbag” is still true. What’s funny is that Trump’s supporters are whining that Trump’s GOP opponents have picked up on Trump’s reality TV tactics and are starting to use Mr. Trump’s tactics against him.

Based on Jonah Goldberg’s article, Trump’s supporters, especially those in talk radio, have a glass jaw. If you don’t believe that, just read my article about Sen. Ben Sasse confronting Sean Hannity at CPAC yesterday. According to this Blaze article, “Sasse confronted Sean Hannity Thursday at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference, chastising the Fox News host for suggesting his refusal to vote for Donald Trump was equivalent to a vote for Hillary Clinton.”

Trump himself started the whining during an interview with Bill O’Reilly:

Jonah Goldberg highlighted the Trumpians’ glass jaw with this observation:

“How dare you try to tell voters how to vote!” cried countless pro-Trump cable-news commentators, pundits, and radio hosts. It’s a fascinating complaint coming from people who make a living by offering their opinions on how voters should vote. It’s also nonsense. If opposing Trump is now the definition of the establishment, then roughly 66 percent of GOP primary voters are members of the establishment. The “silent majority” isn’t a majority and most certainly isn’t silent. Alas, “The Loud Plurality for Trump!” doesn’t look as good on homemade signs at rallies.

That’s proof that whiners will whine, especially when they don’t win.

I’d suggest that conservatives in the #NeverTrump movement should prepare for a lengthy period of whining from the Trumpians.

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