David Brody just tweeted a link to this interview Marco Rubio did on the subjects of homeschooling and school choice. I wish this had come out earlier because it would’ve catapulted Rubio past Sen. Cruz with evangelical Christians, minorities and women. Mike Farris conducted the interview with Sen. Rubio.

The first question Mr. Harris asked about education was “What’s your experience been with homeschooling families, what’s your interaction, what’s your view of homeschooling?” Sen. Rubio replied, saying “, we have a lot of friends that homeschool. In fact, during the campaign, there will be elements of homeschooling that we’ll use. My kids’ school in South Florida has a sort of homeschooling component of their curriculum, which we’ll be able to use when we’re on the road with our kids during the campaign.”

Sen. Rubio wasn’t finished there. He added “But in general, I think it’s not only a valid way to teach your children, you see from the empirical evidence that homeschool children are outperforming many children attending traditional schools. I believe in parental choice—homeschooling, faith-based schools, private school of your choosing, what public school you want to go to instead of the one you’re zoned for. But I view homeschooling, and especially the explosion of homeschooling in America over the last 15 years, as a great development that we’ve seen. And we see how well homeschoolers are performing once they’re getting into college and universities across the country.”

The point I think is important to make is that conservatives have to have a positive agenda that’s governed by the Constitution but that also connects with voters of all stripes. Education is an issue that, if done right, would expand the conservative base. School choice and homeschooling are winning issues with women and minorities. It’s important that conservatives rally to the one candidate that’s run an uplifting campaign based on expanding the conservative while protecting the United States from terrorist attacks.

There’s only one candidate that fits that description. His name is Marco Rubio. That’s why I’ve called him ‘the complete package conservative’ in my tweets.

3 Responses to “Rubio on homeschooling, school choice”

  • eric z says:

    Rubio is a war monger. The best option the GOP has is Rand Paul. Then Trump. Cruz is better than Rubio because Cruz is sincere, even when wrong. Rubio seeks Adelson’s backing, and will bend to the winds.

  • Gary Gross says:

    Apparently, you refuse to notice that terrorists, specifically ISIS, is waging war against us. Obama has stuck his head in the sand to that reality. Thanks to him & Hillary’s State Department, 14 people from San Bernardino are dead & 22 more were severely injured.

    The first responsibility a president has is to protect the people. I know the Democratic Party’s foreign policy has been farmed out to CODEPINK but the rest of the nation knows we can’t have another pacifist and survive.

  • Chad Q says:

    Gary, there are no terrorists in progressive land, only misunderstood freedom fighters. It takes days if not weeks and sometimes months for this administration to call terrorist acts what they are and in the meantime they find excuses as to why the attack happened.
    Progressives believe that the first responsibility of a president is to give jobs and money to their cronies. This administration is stacked with a bunch of no nothing campaign supporters.

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