Tom Coughlin, the long-time head coach of the New York Giants, is one of the most decent men in the NFL. When he speaks, I listen because he’s earned that respect. I can’t agree with him about what he said about the Giants-Carolina game.

I agree with Coach Coughlin when he said that Odell Beckham “has been singled out for his actions.” I don’t agree with him rationalizing his player’s behavior. That’s what he was doing when he said that there “were factors involved starting in pregame, which are well documented, which indicate there was an attempt to provoke him. He was provoked, he was out of control, he was wrong, no doubt about that but…there are two sides to this not just one.”

Josh Norman got fined because he was the player that got hit by Beckham, who got a 10-yard running start before hitting Norman in the head at high speed. Norman’s actions were a clear violation of the rules. Beckham’s actions could’ve caused a number of different brain injuries to Norman. At no point did Norman try to spear Beckham.

That’s why Beckham’s suspension should be upheld.

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