Earlier this week, SCSU President Potter sent an email to the SCSU campus community saying that SCSU is “a university that values equity, diversity and inclusivity.” Former SCSU Aviation Professor Jeff Johnson is questioning that. More importantly, he’s putting his money where his mouth is:

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There’s no doubt that President Potter talks a good game about equity, diversity and inclusivity. There’s little doubt that comparing his statements with his actions gives people ample justification to question President Potter’s integrity.

Especially disturbing is the fact that 5 students witnessed President Potter get in another student’s face during a meeting. That doesn’t reflect the priorities of “a university that values equity, diversity and inclusivity.”

4 Responses to “President Potter’s empty words”

  • Dave Steckling says:

    This is extremely upsetting and needs to be addressed by MnSCU. Potter has had more than the three strikes due him. He should have been called out long ago and ushered off the playing field and banned forever- Potter has done far more damage to SCSU and STC than Pete Rose did to baseball.

  • Crimson Trace says:

    Well stated, Dave! It is beyond embarrassing that the St. Cloud Times and our local leaders have been silent on this mess. SCSU has lost millions of dollars and the current enrollment drop is above 25 percent. Both Potter and Chancellor Rosenstone need to go.

  • Jethro says:

    This letter from aviation student Logan Vold is a real eye opener after the 5 students met with President Potter. Lack of civility and class.


  • Nick says:

    Why hasn’t the City of St. Cloud sued St. Cloud State for lost airport revenues yet?

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