Stewart Mills officially announced that he’s running for Congress in Minnesota’s Eighth District. Rick Nolan, his opponent and the incumbent in the race, said that he welcomed the challenge while promising to run a positive race. Of course, Nolan’s definition of running a positive race is questionable considering he said “I welcome Mr. Mills III back into the race, and I’m looking forward to a positive campaign based on facts and issues affecting the voters in the 8th Congressional District- a campaign very much different from the negative and misleading campaign Mr. Mills III and his allies have already launched against me here in the 8th District.”

In 2014, Nolan’s definition of a positive campaign included dishonest attacks from Nolan himself. What’s more is that the Star Tribune criticized Nolan while endorsing Mills, saying that “Nolan already translates Mills’ position as wanting to “privatize” and even “abolish” the safety-net programs. It’s the kind of extravagant rhetoric that makes reasoned discussion, public understanding and progress so difficult on these issues.”

The Star Tribune added this insult to Nolan’s injuries:

On foreign affairs, too, Mills’ view is the tough-minded one. While Nolan wishfully believes America can safely ignore Mideast turmoil, Mills cautiously supports President Obama’s military intervention to roll back the advances of ISIL in Iraq and Syria, recognizing that regional chaos endangers U.S. interests.

Nolan still supports President Obama’s plan, which is a total failure. Not only isn’t ISIL defeated, it’s spreading. Russia has emerged as the leader of the Middle East, too, while Iran’s mullahs build their hegemon one step at a time.

In short, it’s clear that Nolan is blinded by partisan loyalties. It’s apparent that he isn’t a solutions-oriented statesman. He’s just another cheap politician who can be bought off.

3 Responses to “Mills vs. Nolan, Round II”

  • Chad Q says:

    I have no faith in Nolan running a positive and honest campaign or in the people of CD -8 to elect the best person for the job. No different than the people voting in CD-4 for McCollum time and time again when much better candidates are running.

  • eric z says:

    Whether you like Nolan or not, is Mills III the candidate who can win CD8? He comes across as a weak and unindustrious campaigner, born on third base and talking about hitting triples. Too much of that impression and he has to show something, or lose again. Is he a hard working candidate? This time? Or again going to be only relying on family money and name recognition?

  • Gary Gross says:

    Nolan is a master con artist. Period. He said that he’s against negative campaigns but he, Pelosi & AFSCME joined forces to run ads that were so false that they were lifted from TV.

    As for Stewart Mills, he’s forgotten more about health care than Nolan has ever known about the subject. Mills is a great candidate. Period.

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