According to this CNN article, Carly Fiorina bullied Chris Christie during Wednesday night’s debate. According to Gov. Christie, “Carly Fiorina talked too much [Wednesday] night about herself and not enough about the issues.” Apparently, this is part of Christie’s post-debate spin. That’s rich considering the fact that the CNN article noted that “From the moment he took the stage, Christie tried to emphasize the idea that he was focused more on voters than himself.”

This reeks of sour grapes and spin. First, it’s foolish to think that Carly Fiorina didn’t talk about the issues. When asked about military preparedness, Mrs. Fiorina gave one of the most comprehensive answers in debate history, speaking about how many divisions the Army needed and how many ships the Navy needed.

Put differently, Mrs. Fiorina answered the questions on point. Not only were Mrs. Fiorina’s answers on point. They displayed a grasp of the minutiae and the big picture. Other than that, Mrs. Fiorina’s answers were what you’d expect of a typical politician.

From a different perspective, Gov. Christie isn’t a stranger to this process. While it’s good form to let the person answer the question, it’s often the person who jumps into the conversation that benefits the most. Mr. Christie hasn’t shown a reluctance to interrupt people at townhall meetings. Why wouldn’t he take this opportunity?

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  • eric z says:

    Before Fiorina was getting headlines and moving up on polls there was much written about Ben Carson as pulling even with Trump in at least one poll. Now that seems to have quelled somewhat – in terms of reporting if not in polling.

    Do you see Carson’s fate fading, holding strong along with Fiorina, or just an ebb and flow but with Trump continuing to hold a changing larger plurality segment of poll respondents?

    Is there any specific point and time where you’d see Trump dropping to second or third in the polls, and would it be something specific or the old saying, familiarity breeds contempt – without any predictable time for any such shift?

    Carson, Trump and Fiorina are the three who’ve never held office – reported in some places as an advantage – with it appearing Trump is the only one currently active in owning and running a business. Do you read anything of substance into such reporting, as a mood of the electroate or such?

  • eric z says:

    Making the complaint gained Christie mention of his name.

    In a crowded field, attention good or bad might be better than no attention at all. Unless it is the “when will he quit” attention that Perry got and that Walker is now getting.

    Christie saying that what he has to say is equally worthy as what Fiorina may say is only to be expected.

    Whether that proves true or not is part of the winnowing.

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