When Sarah Palin first burst on the scene in 2008, she burst onto the scene in a big way. Since then, she’s fallen like a meteor from the sky. Here in Minnesota, Palin’s star started falling when she endorsed a liberal Republican for the US Senate race against Al Franken. Now she’s falling again by abandoning logic in supporting Donald Trump.

When Palin endorsed Julianne Ortman, I asked Palin if “a politician who won’t repeal Obamacare, who’s proposed raising taxes and who’s voted for Cap and Trade was ‘a conservative champion'”?

Saying that Palin’s logic is flimsy is being gentle. Apparently, she’s bought into the beltway media’s thinking that there’s only one tough guy in the race. Apparently, she’s bought into Trump’s spin that everyone else is wimpy and “pathetic.” Check out Palin’s foolishness from her interview on CNN today:

I think I would rather have a president who is tough and puts America first than win a game of trivial pursuit. I don’t know if other candidates were posed the same question, I don’t know if they have the answers. I don’t think the public gives a flying flip if somebody knows who, today, is a specific leader of a specific region because that will change. Of course, when the next president comes into power, based on the volatility of politics in these other areas. I don’t think the public is concerned about that. It’s kind of subjective, too. Whether a candidate is worthy to be given attention, and respect and be taken seriously if they don’t know the leader of some — religion, even a country. How about other candidates who may not know the price of a barrel of oil today, or how much oil it is that we are importing from foreign nations, unfriendly foreign nations and we have a ban on exporting our own oil and prohibitions and bans on drilling for our own oil. Details maybe involved in that that a candidate doesn’t know. Hey, I’d be subjective and say, if you don’t know that, you’re not worthy of being taken seriously, Mr. Candidate.

Ms. Palin, other candidates have been asked the same questions by Mr. Hewitt. They’ve passed with flying colors. Mr. Trump failed miserably. Now he’s making excuses. As for whether “the public gives a flying flip,” that’s irrelevant. It’s important that the next commander-in-chief a) know the major terrorists on the world stage and b) better have a strategy to eliminate them starting on Day One in the Oval Office.

It’s disgraceful to characterize Mr. Hewitt’s questions as Trivial Pursuit questions. They weren’t questions about obscure leaders of countries that don’t pose a threat to the United States. Hewitt’s questions were about the leaders of the biggest terrorist organizations on the planet. Saying that “I’ll hire the next Douglas MacArthur” isn’t a strategy. It’s a worthless prediction.

As for “candidates who may not know” “how much oil it is that we are importing from foreign nations,” I suspect that list is tiny.

Sarah Palin once was a rising star in the GOP. These days, she’s just another pundit who doesn’t do her research.

UPDATE: Glenn Beck notices the difference in the original Sarah Palin and Sarah Palin, the sellout. (The sellout are my words, not Mr. Beck’s.)

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  • eric z says:

    Gary, while knowing that crystal balls can be very cloudy, there has been only one GOP debate, so when do you see Trump’s poll lead moving into a competition position with others instead of frontruner; and who do you see as one who will rise in appeal? Fiorina? Rubio?

    Do you see a Trump popularity slip via the next debate, or independent of it?

    Last, while Palin has earned your scrutiny, do you find it interestig that Bachmann has been quiet about the presidential field thus far, and do you see her at some point before year’s end, speaking out?

    Last, a response of “It’s really too early,” would be fine, since many likely feel exactly that.

  • Gary Gross says:

    Eric, I’m getting more pessimistic about Trump dropping in the polls. I thought that electing a black bigot like Obama was just a case of temporary insanity. His policies have sucked & his character has been non-existent. Trump’s character has been non-existent, too. If he’s our nominee, I’ll vote for a third party candidate rather than vote for that despicable narcissistic misogynist.

    If character matters to GOP voters, the frontrunner would either be Fiorina, Walker or Carson. Rubio would be on the list, too, but he wouldn’t be the frontrunner.

  • walter hanson says:


    Two things based on the interview it looks Sarah was trying to give an answer in 2008 that explained why it was okay not to have a specific answer to a question to show that she was ready to be Vice President.

    And two maybe Sarah sees Trump fights the way she fights or wants to fight. But has she actually endorsed Donald. It is one thing during an interview to try to say something nice about somebody in the party versus peddling an endorsement.

    Walter Hanson
    Minneapolis, MN

  • Gary Gross says:

    has she actually endorsed Donald?

    She’s actually said that she wants to be Donald Trump’s Energy Secretary. I think that qualifies as endorsing him. She’s now an unprincipled, untrustworthy politician. What principles does Trump stand for? We know he’s into himself in a big way. We know that he’s a disgusting pervert who can’t take even the tiniest of criticisms. We know that he criticizes others when he’s caught not knowing the answer to basic questions.

    Other than that, he’s a fine fellow.

  • eric z says:

    Thanks, Gary, for responding. It was a bit off topic, but in a way on topic too, to ask. Rolling Stone has an online Sept. 9 feature on Trump; one of the things it notes is Trump does not know when to stop. I may post indirectly about that item, to see who else may have discovered it. Not to praise Caesar, nor to bury him. Interestingly written. As to why Palin attaches gravitas to Trump, she’s not all that bright. And he does say some of the right things in a voice easily heard.

  • Chad Q says:

    It’s funny that no one paid attention to Palin when she was running in 2008 (except for the gotcha media when they should have been vetting Obama) and now that she’s a nobody, people are writing about her and what she has to say as if what she is saying is important. And while I don’t care for either Trump or Palin, I understand why she’s trying to hitch her wagon to Trump because he’s the current star. As we have seen from Ms. Palin’s recent endorsements, those stars are only fleeting and hopefully Trumps is next to burn out.
    And While Ms. Palin may not be “all that bright”, she shines in comparison to the DNC chair, the VP, democrat presidential candidates and a whole host of other progressives.

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