Brian Baird’s statements that the surge is actually working has drawn the wrath of the Netroots. According to this article in the Hill, is calling Baird a flip-flopper in a series of ads:

Rep. Brian Baird’s (D-Wash.) recent conversion on the Iraq war is beginning to affect more than the national dialogue. On Wednesday, liberal group announced an ad campaign against the congressman in his own district.

Baird recently returned from a trip to Iraq and reversed his position on a withdrawal timetable, citing military progress in the four-year-old war.

MoveOn is calling the move a “flip-flop” and says it goes against the views of his constituents.

The ad does not make specific reference to Baird’s conversion. Instead, it features a soldier who served in Iraq talking about the amount of resistance troops encountered and at the end asks viewers to tell Baird to bring the troops home.

Here’s the striking sentence in that section of the article:

MoveOn is calling the move a “flip-flop” and says it goes against the views of his constituents.

What’s striking is that it doesn’t say that Baird lied about the improving conditions on the ground. It didn’t bother addressing that because they don’t care about what’s happening in Iraq. If that were a consideration, they would’ve addressed that immediately.

Rep. Baird should wear their attack as a badge of honor. At least he’s come around to the side that wants to win, which is far more than I can say about

Baird voted against the war in 2003 and had opposed it until last month. Republicans have been quick to key on his remarks as evidence of progress in Iraq.

MoveOn disagrees, calling the war “unwinnable.”

“So far this has been one of the bloodiest summers in Iraq, and voters don’t want to continue down a failed path,” said MoveOn campaigner Nita Chaudhary. “They want representatives who will stand up to President Bush’s reckless policy and bring our troops home.”

Ms. Chaudhary can’t be paying attention to the people. If she was paying attention, she’d notice that support for the war is increasing. She’d notice that more positive reports are getting published. With the trend pointing towards more successes, isn’t it reasonable to think that’s ideological beliefs, coupled with their hatred for President Bush, have everything to do with their anti-war position?

It’s a sad commentary when a political organization’s hatred for President Bush prevents them from cheering for a military victory in Iraq.

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