Carly Fiorina’s speech tonight has the potential to be a tide-shifting event. During the speech, she’ll lay out a plan to redefine feminism in more conservative terms:

In a call with supporters previewing her speech on the state of women in America tonight at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, Carly Fiorina said, “It is important to have this conversation as conservatives. It is important to have this conversation as Republicans.” She invited her followers to acknowledge, yes, women’s potential is still being underutilized. In the S&P 500, she said, only 23 chief executives are women; fewer than the number of CEOs named John. But rather than buy into the liberals’ terms of the debate, feminism means supporting abortion on demand, feminists support a big welfare state, she declared, “We need to redefine feminism. We need to reclaim the word ‘feminism.’” Rather, she says a feminist is anyone who chooses the life she lives.

This is why it’s vitally important to have Carly on the debate stage. Whether she wins the nomination or not, her hanging around as one of the finalists has the potential to positively change the GOP’s perspective for a generation. Jennifer Rubin’s post offers a stunning contrast between Ms. Fiorina and Mrs. Clinton:

Fiorina also offers the experience of someone who, as she likes to remind her audiences, went from secretary to CEO. (Clinton went from Yale Law School to the governor’s mansion and Rose Law Firm and then to the White House.)

At times, Hillary has played the victim card. At other times, she’s ridden her husband’s coattails. She got hired at the Rose Law Firm because her husband was governor of Arkansas at the time.

Carly Fiorina didn’t get hired to any of her positions because she’s the wife of a famous man. She didn’t work her way up the corporate ladder because of cronyism or nepotism. She became the CEO of HP because she earned it without anyone’s help.

Let’s be blunt. If Hillary’s last name was Schneider or Olson, she wouldn’t be taken seriously, especially considering all of her mistakes and her lack of accomplishments. This video does a devastating job of highlighting Hillary’s lack of accomplishments:

The more I watch her, the more impressed with Ms. Fiorina.

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