Hillary the candidate is getting a reputation for underperforming. In December, 2014, Hillary’s speech at Georgetown was poorly attended. Saying that the event was half-full would be lying. It would’ve taken hundreds of people for that statement to be true. This article indicates that Hillary continues to underperform. Check out how Hillary’s team tried to create the appearance of a packed house at Texas Southern University:

Hillary Clinton closed a three-day campaign fundraising swing through Texas and New Mexico on Thursday with a rare public appearance at Texas Southern University in Houston and a stemwinder on voting rights.

She took no questions and spoke with no reporters, but angrily complained that Texas voters can present their concealed-carry gun permits as a voter ID, but not their college student identification cards.

Clinton was received with wild applause at the historically black college, but organizers arranged the 8,100-seat basketball arena so that three-quarters of the seats were roped off and empty. They added rows of chairs on the floor, but 15-foot-tall blue curtains draped all around blocked the view of entire sections of empty seats, leaving the impression that Clinton couldn’t fill the room. The university didn’t provide a crowd count, but an arena security official estimated that there were 2,200 in attendance.

The only thing that Hillary’s performed well at is fundraising. The Georgetown speech shows she isn’t attracting young people. The Texas Southern speech shows she isn’t attracting African-American voters. At what point will the Beltway media admit that Hillary isn’t the rock star that the Democrats have tried portraying her as?

Her record at the State Department is a disaster. The video of her handing the reset button to Russia’s Foreign Minister is certain to be used in ads as a way to highlight her record. Ditto with video of the attack on Benghazi.

When she was in the Senate, she didn’t accomplish anything so she can’t point to anything there. Hillary’s campaign thus far is a Potemkin campaign, complete with images of full events in three-fourths empty arenas.

That’s fitting because, thus far, she isn’t a real candidate interacting with real people.

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  • walter hanson says:


    I thought she was a great speaker. She was able to get people to pay her $300,000 plus for a speech. It seems like a lot of people should be asked again and again why did you pay her so much money unless you were trying to buy influence with her.

    Walter Hanson
    Minneapolis, MN

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