Last week, the St. Cloud Times ran an editorial titled Why are House Republicans targeting college students? Here’s the heart of the DFL’s Times’ editorial:

In the higher education bill passed by the GOP-dominated House, more than $53 million has been cut from the state grant appropriation as part of the $128 million appropriation it has recommended for MnSCU.

The state grant program helps as many as 100,000 low- and middle-income Minnesota students pay for their college tuition. This covers students in public and private colleges. If the bill comes out unchanged in conference committee, more than 8,000 students in the St. Cloud area will receive a lower grant next year, according to the Minnesota Office of Higher Education.

Thankfully, Rep. Jim Knoblach corrected the Times Editorial Board:

This is one of the more inaccurate editorials I have seen in the Times. The state grant program has a $72 million surplus. That is why House Republicans are proposing to take $53 million of it and give it to the MNSCU system. The writer of this should check their facts with someone with the House Republicans before just writing something like this. If anyone wants documentation please send an email to me at and I will send it to you.

I’m not accusing the Times of intentionally misleading students. It’s quite possible that they just did a sloppy job of researching this editorial.

Jim Knoblach has lots of information on this sort of thing as chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee. That’s the last committee stop before financial bills go to the House floor. Jim has lots of experience with the Committee, having served as chairman in 2003-2006.

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