If I Were Him, I’d Leave Too!
by Silence Dogood

Dr. Bruce Busby arrived on campus last July to assume the position of Dean, University College & Associate Provost for Student Success. Looking at his job responsibilities listed on the University College’s webpage, it appears that he has a lot on his plate.

With a 21.8% decline in FYE enrollment over the past five years, simply overseeing undergraduate admissions and recruiting might be expected to be a full-time job all by itself. However, from the list of responsibilities, it is clear that he has almost more than any three or four extremely talented people who could reasonably be expected to perform those responsibilities. Now with the latest reorganization, direction of Summer School and overseeing of the Senior-to-Sophomore program (S2S) have been added to his plate. Overseeing these two programs is almost by itself another full-time job, which brings the total to over five positions! Given the current $12,000,000 budget deficit, it is clear that people will be expected to do more (with less). However, this is ridiculous!

In the movie Multiplicity (1996), Michael Keaton is able to keep up with all of the demands on him by cloning himself (several times). Everything seemed to be going fine. However, just remember not to ‘copy a copy.’ Clearly, Dr. Busby is very talented but, unless the SCSU Biology Department has perfected human cloning, there is little chance that he could be successful trying to do five jobs at the same time. Even if he could, who would really want too? Given that there are only 168 hours in a week, how many beyond 50-60 hours do you really want to spend working?

It is not hard to understand why Dr. Busby might have chosen to leave SCSU for retirement back in Ohio. Not only is the weather better, he won’t have to wear as many hats unless he’s fishing in the Mighty Maumee River. The only thing that is unfortunate for Dr. Busby is that before his departure he didn’t have the opportunity to travel internationally at university expense as so many other administrators have done before him.

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