Is There A Confucius Institute At SCSU?
by Silence Dogood

I though there was a Confucius Institute at SCSU. In an attempt to find out some background information about the Confucius Institute, I thought I would search the SCSU website to see what information could be found. On the main university website, I typed in “Confucius”

When I hit the search button, the result I obtained is shown below:

Not being deterred, I went to the SCSU Office Directory Search webpage and entered in Confucius and hit the search button again. The results are shown below:

To the best of my knowledge, SCSU has a Confucius Institute. I’ve even heard that SCSU spends $150,000 per year on it. However, unless I can’t spell “Confucius” correctly, based on the SCSU website searches I performed, it certainly doesn’t look like it. For a so-called ‘signature’ accomplishment of President Potter, this is kind of embarrassing.

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