This LTE does a fantastic job of exposing the environmental activists’ agenda. One of the tricks they’re pulling is to insist that sulfates hurts wild rice growth. Here’s the truth:

In 1973, the state of Minnesota adopted a sulfate standard of 10 ppm in all municipal and industrial discharge permits that discharge into bodies of water with wild rice. The standard was adopted using research from the 1940s.

In 2013 the state hired the University of Minnesota to do a scientific study of the effects of sulfates on wild rice and to determine what the standard should be. Also the Minnesota chamber hired an independent laboratory to do the same.

Both studies agree that sulfate is not toxic to wild rice. The studies also found that if sulfates turn to sulfides it does slow the growth of wild rice. However if there is iron present in the water, iron combines with the sulfides and doesn’t allow the sulfides to affect the wild rice.

Sulfates and sulfides aren’t really a problem. They’re just the latest trick the anti-mining activists are using to prevent precious metals mining. Finding high iron concentrations in streams isn’t difficult in the Iron Range. It’s as difficult as finding a blackjack dealer in Las Vegas.

The extremist environmental groups’ real reason for pushing the 10 ppm standard is to stop the nonferrous mining projects in northeastern Minnesota.

The truth is if the state enforces the 10 ppm sulfate standard it could close every iron ore mine in Minnesota and cost millions of dollars in upgrades to municipal wastewater treatment plants. It could cost Minntac alone hundreds of millions of dollars in treatment and millions more in yearly maintenance.

This isn’t the opinion of a diehard conservative:

I have been a state of Minnesota licensed water and wastewater operator for 35 years and this standard makes no sense. I urge you to get involved or risk the loss of thousands of jobs in northeastern Minnesota.

In other words, Mr. Vreeland is an expert on these issues. The environmental activists who oppose precious metals mining aren’t experts. They’re dishonest activists who won’t hesitate to deploy any tactic to stop precious metals mining.

These anti-mining activists are essentially the scum of the earth.

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