Think of Scott Walker’s op-ed as his way of telling the Gotcha Media that he isn’t playing by their rules:

There has been much discussion about a media double standard where Republicans are covered differently than Democrats, asked to weigh in on issues the Democrats don’t face. As a result, when we refuse to take the media’s bait, we suffer.

I felt it this week when I was asked to weigh in on what other people said and did and what others’ beliefs are. If you are looking for answers to those questions, ask those people. I will always choose to focus on what matters to the American people, not what matters to the media.

Various right-leaning pundits have said that Gov. Walker needs to deal with the Gotcha Media’s tactics. Those pundits are wrong. In fact, I think that part of Gov. Walker’s strengthening poll ratings are directly attributable to Gov. Walker’s refusal to play the Gotcha Media’s games.

This is the stuff that Americans want to hear about:

Americans believe our nation is facing some substantial challenges. Government spending is out of control. Terrorists seek to destroy our way of life. Our economic recovery has been slow. Our borders aren’t secure. The federal government has usurped powers that rightly belong to our states.

And every day across Wisconsin, and as I travel the nation, I hear from people who share with me their worries about, and their hopes for, our country. They worry about whether their children in college will be able to find a good job after graduation. And as a dad with two sons in college, I worry right along with them.

They talk to me about the rise of terrorist attacks and ISIS, and what it means for our security at home, and for Americans and our allies abroad. We all pray for American sons and daughters in the military and their safe return home.

We’re living in dangerous times in terms of the threat posed by ISIS and al-Qa’ida, both of which get stronger with each week. We aren’t living in prosperous times, thanks to President Obama’s failed policies, starting with the Affordable Care Act.

It’s time conservatives to unite around Scott Walker. We need an inspirational leader who’s gotten great things done and who hasn’t played the Gotcha Media’s games. Only Scott Walker fits that description. Jeb Bush did some conservative things as Florida’s governor. Now that he’s playing on the national stage, however, he’s supporting things like Common Core and President Obama’s executive amnesty.

What Americans need now is an unapologetic conservative who’s listened to the people and did what they told him to do. We don’t need someone who’s listened to political consultants and the special interests.

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One Response to “Scott Walker: I won’t take the bait”

  • Gretchen Leisen says:

    I love Scott Walker’s record, his determination, his ability to outmaneuver the news media, etc.. I also like Ted Cruz and Bobby Jindal.

    The GOP candidate must be willing to fight for every vote. The only way to succeed is to turn those silly questions into opportunities by applying the subject to some other issue that people are interested in. An example would be – any question about another candidate’s religious beliefs – turn it around to say that people of good faith are all interested in stopping the persecution of religious people in the Middle East. So the answer is peripheral to the question, but more pertinent to the interests of the general public.

    The other thing is that Walker (or any other GOP candidate) will need to go around the news media. With the internet, twitter, facebook, etc. I hope that this time the GOP releases a different short ad every week from August 1st until the November election. Each ad will focus on a SERIOUS problem that the citizens are worried about. KEEP THE DEMOCRATS ON THE DEFENSE! Be Reaganesque.

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