It’s apparent that the SC Times editorial board has bought into President Potter’s propaganda. Listen to this BS:

This new world requires bold thinking. It requires a vision for what St. Cloud State will be for the next 10 years and beyond. It requires bold initiatives. It requires all stakeholders to come to the table in good faith. They need to find solutions that may cause pain but the pain has to be shared. The highest priority must be to provide the highest quality education. What better place to spawn innovation than a major university? Put the collective brainpower to work on these challenges.

During the height of the Great Recession, in 2008, one of the community members on the Times Editorial Board said a crisis is a terrible thing to waste. That advice could easily be applied to the situation at St. Cloud State.

First, it’s disgusting that the Times didn’t get the dates of the Great Recession right. It started in late September, 2008. But I digress.

Next, President Potter has spoken for over a year about the need for innovation and creating niche programs. When Silence Dogood wrote this post, Silence wrote briefly about niche programs:

At the same time that the President distributed the data on the aviation majors, he brought up the need of the university to develop “niche” programs. It is almost ironic that the aviation program was already a “niche” program as the only accredited 4-year aviation program in Minnesota. The air traffic control program would have been the only program at a university in Minnesota giving it a “niche” status as well.

It’s frustrating to hear people stating that what’s needed are “bold initiatives.” That’s BS. What’s needed are great academics and solid financial management.

President Potter isn’t interested in “the highest quality education.” His actions have told the story that he’s mostly worried about his image. That’s why he spent $50,000 on becoming a member of the Great Place to Work Institute, aka GPTWI. That’s years after he paid the Earthbound Media Group $400,000 to rebrand the University.

President Potter is mostly interested in his image. EMG’s report to him said that SCSU’s image was getting hurt by “outsiders who control the ‘blogosphere'” because those “negative perceptions” aren’t “grounded in reality.” EMG wrote that because I was reporting the truth about President Potter’s questionable decisions. There isn’t a single thing that EMG or the administration can point to that I wrote that’s inaccurate about SCSU’s declining enrollment, the transcript scandal that the Times hasn’t written about or the money that’s been lost ($7,700,000 in 5 years) by President Potter as a result of the contract President Potter signed with the J.A. Wedum Foundation.

The thing that the Times hasn’t written about and that President Potter won’t admit to is that President Potter’s decisions have imperiled SCSU. As a result of President Potter’s inaction on SCSU’s dropping enrollment, St. Cloud State has lost more than $32,000,000 in tuition revenue and state budget appropriations. As a result of President Potter’s insistence that his contract with the J.A. Wedum Foundation is a success, SCSU has lost another $7,700,000 in the last 5 years.

Those aren’t the only things affecting SCSU’s gloomy financial outlook but they are the biggest items affecting SCSU’s financial and academic health. If President Potter had made these decisions as CEO of a corporation, he would’ve gotten fired at least 3 years ago. Thanks to his being a government employee, though, he’s instead gotten performance bonuses.

Here’s an innovation worth implementing: how about the MnSCU Trustees and/or the legislature requiring university presidents to stop making financially foolish decisions? That thing alone would be a big step in the right direction.

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  • walter hanson says:


    Keep in mind they believe Obama is doing good things so it is only natural that they think Porter is doing good things.

    Walter Hanson
    Minneapolis, MN

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