Fall Semester Enrollments in MnSCU
by Silence Dogood

The following figure shows the enrollments at the seven MnSCU universities for Fall 2013 and Fall 2014:

Of the seven MnSCU universities, only Southwest’s enrollment was larger in Fall 2014 than the previous fall and it was larger by a whopping 2 FYE. Although six of the seven universities lost enrollment, for most of the universities, the changes between Fall 2013 and Fall 2014 are small so the values overlap.

An easier way to see the relative changes is to calculate the percent change in enrollment from Fall 2013 to Fall 2014 as shown in the following figure:

As shown in the figure, the leader in the percentage decline is Moorhead followed closely by SCSU. However, since Moorhead cut 10% of its faculty and staff for Fall 2014 because of declining enrollments, it might be understandable to see a decline in enrollment simply because of offering fewer sections of classes as a result of having fewer teaching faculty.

On a percentage basis the decline at Moorhead is larger than that at SCSU. However, since SCSU is more than twice as large as Moorhead, the total decline at SCSU (272) is nearly double that of Moorhead (152) as shown in the following figure.

For all of the MnSCU universities combined, the Fall decline totals 628 FYE. As a result of the decline of 272 FYE at SCSU, SCSU is responsible for 43.3% of the decline even though in FY14 it generated only 22.6% of the Fall FYE enrollment. In other words, the other five universities in MnSCU lost 356 FYE in enrollment and SCSU lost 272 FYE on its own. The data also shows that SCSU lost nearly four times the enrollment as was lost by rival Minnesota State University—Mankato.

For Fall Semester, Southwest was the only university that was up, three were down 0.9% (Bemidji), 1.0% (Mankato) and 1.2% (Winona). Metro was down 2.6% followed by SCSU at 4.5% and Moorhead at 5.3%. Too many more Fall semesters like this one and the lost enrollment at SCSU might start getting significant.

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