The gist of this Our View editorial is that the faculty should ignore Chancellor Rosenstone’s attempts to hide important things from the faculty and students in the name of the greater good.

At last count, faculty associations at six MnSCU universities issued no-confidence votes on Rosenstone, including St. Cloud State University. Others are faculty at Winona, Moorhead, Bemidji, Mankato and Marshall. The Inter-Faculty Organization also withdrew from Charting the Future, as did the two-year college faculty union. A couple of student government groups took similar steps.

Virtually all those groups say “Charting the Future” has not been transparent and is working toward predetermined outcomes.

Rosenstone’s offer of mediation with the IFO was rebuffed, and other than that he has said implementing “Charting the Future” will proceed.

Chancellor Rosenstone hid the $2,000,000 contract he signed with McKinsey & Co. from students working on CtF and from the IFO. Rosenstone’s statement that he won’t let the faculty derail CtF highlights the fact that this isn’t a collaboration. It highlights the fact that the IFO’s participation is meant to be kept to a minimum.

Going it alone isn’t proof of collaboration. It’s proof that Rosenstone plans on going it alone if people don’t do what he thinks they should do.

The plan’s main goals are reducing the cost of attending MnSCU schools, speeding up the time it takes students to graduate, and making sure those graduates are prepared to succeed in the working world. The chancellor seeks to accomplish those largely through more systemwide collaboration, which he says will improve efficiencies and better control costs.

What proof does Chancellor Rosenstone have that CtF’s initiatives “will improve efficiencies and better control costs”? Has he engaged faculty sufficiently to get their input on the subject? If Rosenstone hasn’t, why hasn’t he?

For now, the first step must be for Rosenstone and faculty and student groups to resume talking to each other.

The first step to getting faculty, administrators and students together is for Chancellor Rosenstone to apologize for hiding important information from the IFO, the administrators and students. If Chancellor Rosenstone isn’t willing to first apologize, then restart the process, then it will be clear Chancellor Rosenstone isn’t interested in collaboration or excellence.

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  • walter hanson says:


    Forgive me for asking a silly question. Um if I read your post right somebody by themselves (only one person) was able to sign a $2 million dollar contract. Um isn’t that illegal? Or is this a sign that better oversight on spending money is needed?

    Walter Hanson
    Minneapolis, MN

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