Dan Severson’s campaign to be Minnesota’s next Secretary of State is finishing strong. Severson’s last ad is especially powerful because it’s silent except for the imagery:

Here’s the question it poses to Minnesotans:

Not sure who to vote for? Ask yourself this…Who do you trust more? A lawyer who seems to think that elections are a child’s game? Or a man who gave 22 years defending your right to vote?

During last week’s debate on Almanac, Dan Severson introduced an initiative called Express Lane Voting. Earlier this week, Steve Simon, the man who hasn’t offered anything in terms of an agenda, intentionally played the over-the-top race card. Here’s what he said during a debate:

STEVE SIMON: I really don’t support this idea of a sort of Lexus lane for voting or the so-called “Express Lane Voting. First of all, it seems intended to be a separate but equal system. All I have to go on are Dan’s own words when he characterized on a TEA Party TV show in the spring when he said “If you don’t want to show an ID, be my guest. You can go over to the side and wait 2 hours in the cold. That’s fine.”

Let’s be blunt. Steve Simon doesn’t have an agenda of his own. He’s a lackluster candidate at best. Now that he’s in trouble, isn’t it interesting that Steve Simon has resorted to race-baiting?

By comparison, Dan Severson has run a positive, substantive campaign. He’s offered new ideas. He’s highlighted his years of service to our nation. Having known Dan for almost a decade, I know that he’s a natural-born hero. Dan’s 22 years of service verify that.

When Dan proposed a system to make voting easier for Minnesotans serving overseas in the military, the closest thing to substantive criticism DFL Party Chairman Ken Martin’s could come was that Severson had sponsored lots of veterans legislation while in the legislature.

Minnesota’s Secretary of State needs to be a man with integrity. Anyone that’s willing to intentionally play the race-baiting card to attract votes isn’t a man of integrity. That’s the definition of a politician who didn’t hesitate in frighten voters with the worst political imagery imaginable.

Dan Severson is a leader and a man of integrity. That’s what I’m looking for.

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