Where’s Earl? or Does IT Services Know A Secret?
by Silence Dogood

SCSU’s main webpage has a link to a search window where you can search for offices/departments or people (faculty/staff or students).

Having nothing better to do one afternoon, I performed a search for “Potter” just to see what would come up.

I was mildly amused that the President of the university couldn’t be found. Clicking on the box for “Students” shows four students with the last name Potter. Maybe when he’s in China, it’s like the old computer game: “Where in the World in Carmen Sandiego?” which was released in 1985.”

I then started wondering if IT services knew something I didn’t. So I went to back to the search window and found the “President’s Office” and clicked on the link. The following came up:

I was relieved that SCSU still has a President. However, I’m guessing someone in IT services is going to get a phone call shortly.

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