Under DFL domination, the percentage of active military personnel serving overseas has dropped from 15% to a pathetic 5%. Despite the DFL’s claims that their policies increase voter turnout, America’s patriots don’t seem to benefit from the DFL’s policies.

Less than 3 weeks from now, Minnesotans have the opportunity to rectify that by electing Dan Severson. Severson has a plan to make it easier for military personnel serving overseas to vote:

Dan Severson says delays in mailing ballots and lack of awareness has brought military voter participation to as low as 5%. Severson proposes creating a secure online voting network for soldiers. A similar system has been used in Arizona.

Steve Simon, Severson’s opponent for Secretary of State, has a less efficient plan:

Simon says military members benefit from the new, no-excuse absentee voting law he shepherded through the Legislature last session. He says Severson’s online voting proposal is worth exploring.

Simon isn’t accurate. No-excuse voting isn’t that big of a benefit because it still takes tons of time to get ballots from war zones back to Minnesota. The online system that Severson is proposing eliminates the mailing of ballots. Ballots wouldn’t have to be mailed to our service personnel. Our service personnel wouldn’t have to worry that the military’s post office would get the ballots back before the deadline, either.

Fill out the ballot. Hit enter.

That’s about as simple a procedure as you’ll find.

Steve Simon didn’t insist on making voting easier for our military, which indicates it isn’t a priority for him. That’s unacceptable. Severson’s commitment to service personnel guarantees that military turnout would be taken seriously. Our heroes deserve nothing less.

As long as we don’t hire the people who designed MNsure or HealthCare.gov, we should be fine.

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2 Responses to “DFL disenfranchansing military voters”

  • walter hanson says:


    Lets not forget we had our primary date moved from September to August in part because it gave more time for absteen voters like the military to be able to get their absteen ballots and vote on time. I guess it’s not working.

    One thing to keep in mind Florida has a special process for members of the military where the ballots as long as they are post marked before election can still be counted a couple of weeks later. These were the ballots Al Gore in 2000 tried to get thrown out as he was trying to steal Florida and the election.

    Walter Hanson
    Minneapolis, MN

  • Gary Gross says:

    Walter gets the ‘Great Memory Award’ for remembering the Gore tactic of 2000. I was thinking about that the entire time I was writing this post.

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