No Need for Budget Cuts—Enrollment Increase Eliminates Deficit
by Silence Dogood

A portion of the latest installment of the Weekly Admit Report for October 3, 2014 is shown below.

The report documents a 77.76% increase in applications (72.4% complete applications) and a 76.68% increase in admission offers over Fall’14. As a result, if enrollment of New Entering Freshmen (NEF) is up 76.68% from the 1,680 students reported for Fall’14, that would produce an entering class of NEF of 2,986 for an increase of 1,306 students! Truly amazing!

Given that each NEF generates approximately $11,500 in tuition and state appropriation, these additional students will generate over $15,000,000 in revenue. Clearly the $8,000,000-10,000,000 deficit for FY15 has now been eliminated and there will no longer be a need for budget cuts.

Congratulations to the administration on solving the budget shortfall! Hopefully, the 5% across the board cuts can be restored to departments and the ‘flexible’ hiring freeze can be thawed since it will no longer be necessary to make budget cuts. I’m sure champagne corks are popping in the administration building and deservedly so! Clearly, the FY15 budget has been delayed because of the ‘good news’ and it is being revised to eliminate the hinted at reductions.

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