Is SCSU Being Reorganized Again?
by Silence Dogood

Back in the fall of 2009, SCSU began a process of Program Assessment. In 2010 when it looked like the state appropriation might be cut substantially, Program Assessment morphed into “Reorganization” and $14,000,000 was quickly cut from the budget. With a five-year enrollment decline of 21.8% as incentive and an $8,000,000-$10,000,000 budget shortfall, one begins to wonder if SCSU is about to be reorganized again.

As is so often the case, Dilbert hit the nail on the head.

The figure below shows the results from the Great Place to Work survey for some of the questions relating to the President and his senior-level administrators. For all of the data, the red bar represents the average value for the “100 Best Companies.” All of blue bars represent the derived values from those who completed the survey at SCSU. Where there are no red bars, the question was generated locally so the number must be interpreted without a comparison:

The results of the Great Place to Work Trust Index Survey released last February fully demonstrate the belief that SCSU is not a place where the administration works with the faculty and staff in a collaborative relationship.

Unfortunately, President Potter still does not recognize that most of responsibility for the dismal survey numbers is based squarely on his and his administration’s shoulders. Ron Gardenhire, the Twins manager, was recently fired for four consecutive years of ninety losses, which overshadowed the fact that he won six divisional titles in eleven years. Clearly, President Potter has done some good things at SCSU. Unfortunately, the five-year decline in enrollment totaling 21.8%, a loss of over $7,000,000 to date on the Coborn’s Plaza apartments, the disastrous reorganization of the University and the extremely negative perception of his administration will be his lasting legacy.

So what has changed since last February when the results of the Great Place to Work survey were released? Enrollment is down another 5%, two dorms have been mothballed. Entire floors in another dorm were shuttered, too. The University has experienced another $1,000,000 loss on Coborn’s Plaza, and there is an $8,000,0000-10,000,000 shortfall. The interesting question to ponder: Will there be a 20% reduction in the administration in the next reorganization? Will administrators take fewer international trips? Clearly, everyone expects that there will be fewer faculty and staff around on campus. However, almost everyone expects the hiring of a few more consultants before the reorganization occurs.

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