This article highlights a questionable decision by the Democratic Senate Campaign Committee, aka the DSCC:

Democrats in Washington are taking a risky bet by quadrupling their investment in Alison Lundergan Grimes, a young and largely unproven challenger, who is running against Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (Ky.).

Spending a fresh $1.4 million on a statewide TV ad bashing McConnell is a gamble for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC), which has six vulnerable incumbents and a long-held Democratic seat in Iowa to defend.

The only justification for this is that the DSCC thinks that flipping the Kentucky seat is their best shot at holding control of the Senate majority. This decision isn’t without considerable risk, starting with the fact that Ms. Lundergan-Grimes is a longshot at best.

It’s also possible that the DSCC realizes that Cory Gardner, Dan Sullivan, Joni Ernst, Bill Cassidy and Tom Cotton are likely to win their races. This information isn’t encouraging to the DSCC:

Some political experts expressed surprise that the Senate Democratic campaign committee thinks Grimes can win, given the direction of recent polls.

“When I saw them start up, I thought, ‘Well, maybe they made a commitment long ago that they would be there in October.’ My guess is, they reserve the right to not be there in late October because they’re in too much of a bind to spend money in a race where they don’t think there’s any chance,” said Al Cross, a longtime political commentator and professor at the University of Kentucky.

Jennifer Duffy, a senior editor for The Cook Political Report, said the conventional wisdom is that Grimes has an uphill path to victory. “She’s been behind in every poll but one for months,” she said. “The one poll she was ahead by a point was her own. I just think there’s been a conventional wisdom developing that she’s in trouble.”

While I wouldn’t put the McConnell seat in the Safe Republican column at this point, I wouldn’t have a problem putting it at the upper end of the Leans Republican category, which is just short of Solid Republican.

The fact that Iowa and Colorado appear to be slipping through the DSCC’s fingers is important. Neither of those seats were on the radar until this summer and last spring respectively. Braley and Udall haven’t run good campaigns, which is definitely contributing to their difficult situation. Udall is suffering from an anti-Democrat mini-wave in Colorado, too. If he loses, he should thank Gov. Hickenlooper for passing Colorado’s nutty gun grab laws this past year.

The political situation in Colorado has been difficult after that.

Braley doesn’t have to send a note. He just has to look in the mirror. He’s the candidate who’s repeatedly put his foot in his mouth throughout the campaign. He’s got as deft a touch as a bull in a china shop. What could possibly go wrong?

It isn’t like he criticized hog farmers in Iowa or something. Oh wait. That’s precisely what he did. That’s as politically stupid as running for statewide office in Wisconsin and announcing at your first press conference that you hate cheese and the Green Bay Packers.

Grimes’ campaign took a major hit when she ran a pro-coal mining ad that featured a British actor in a coal miner’s hard hat. She’s had tough sledding since. No amount of money will help her out of that hole anytime soon.

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