This week, Forum Media endorsed GOP Senate candidate Mike McFadden:

If Mike McFadden brings the enthusiasm and focus to the U.S. Senate that he has brought to his candidacy, Minnesotans will be well served. Republican McFadden is challenging first-term Sen. Al Franken, D-Minn., and on balance the challenger is making the case for change.

Frankly, I’ve been impressed with Mr. McFadden’s campaign. He’s raised lots of money. He’s put together a better-than-competent GOTV operation and he’s a policy heavyweight.

While Franken has raised tons of money, the thing he doesn’t have is gravitas. Honestly, Franken’s a policy lightweight.

Nonetheless, McFadden’s conservative recipe for Senate service comports well with the needs of Minnesota and the nation in the 21st century. His success in the private sector, while not necessarily a requirement for public office, is an impressive tool in his public policy kit. His dedication to education, including work in Minnesota to demonstrate what can be done if student-centered policies are implemented, can inform his Senate service.

McFadden’s grasp of public policy helped him pummel Franken during their debate Wednesday.

After Franken talked about talking to the Surface Transportation Board about Minnesota’s railcar shortage, McFadden pounced, saying that we’ll have a railcar shortage until we start building pipelines. In a single exchange, he highlighted his leadership and grasp of policy. Meanwhile, Franken sounded like a typical politician who talks about things that are somewhat related but doesn’t solve problems.

Franken’s kept his head down so long that he hasn’t figured out how to solve problems. He hasn’t voted to create more pipelines, which is causing the railcar shortage. He hasn’t pushed the EPA to accelerate the regulatory review process on PolyMet.

In other words, the thing Franken’s famous for is taking up space in the Senate. Otherwise, they could train a yellow dog to vote with President Obama 159 times out of 161 votes.

Forum is right. Mike McFadden is making a substantive case for why he should be a US senator and why Al Franken simply isn’t qualified to be a US senator. Few people can say they’re better off today than when Barack Obama and Al Franken took office. The only people who are better off are stock traders and government employees. Their lives are going gangbusters.

Small businesses and people working in heavily regulated industries are taking a beating. Mike McFadden has a plan to grow the American economy at 4-5% annual growth. Al Franken and President Obama have proposed and voted for economic policies that have led to the slowest growing recovery in modern history.

The opportunity is now. We can vote for economic vitality or we can vote for more of the same. We can vote for leadership or we can vote for an erstwhile comedian who’s kept his head down while Minnesota’s economy struggled.

That’s a pretty each choice.

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