Yesterday, I included a link to the Duluth News Tribune’s video of the McFadden-Franken debate. This post will include some of my favorite clips from the debate, starting with this one:

Sen. Franken’s response was typical DC bureaucratspeak:

Here’s what Sen. Franken said:

So much of the rail use is for the Bakken crude. Now I’ve been going to the Surface Transportation Board since I got to the Senate. Captive rail is something that I’ve been very interested in. I actually worked with Sen. David Vitter, the Republican of Louisiana, to get the cost of filing a complaint with the Surface Transportation Board, which regulates the railroads, from $20,000 to $350 so people can file a complaint.

Here’s McFadden’s snappy reply:

Al, with all due respect, your lack of an energy policy and the lack of an energy policy from President Obama has caused the rail car shortage. There’s not been one pipeline built. You haven’t approved any pipeline. The Keystone Pipeline has been under the review process for 6 years. That is crazy. That is too long. Pipelines are proven to be the most effective, the most efficient, the most environmentally sensitive way to transport oil. Until you start passing pipelines, we’ll have a railcar shortage. I know how to fix this economy. I know how to get us back on the road to growth and prosperity and you are putting Band-Aids as opposed to going to root causes. We need pipelines in this country. I want everyone in this room and in this state I am for pipelines. I will get them built.

The contrast in that last exchange is stunning. I hope the McFadden campaign highlights the difference between Sen. Franken’s answer and Mr. McFadden’s reply because it’s the difference between a Washingtonspeak and the voice of a leader who knows how to get things done.

Washingtonspeak is the way bureaucrats and politicians speak. Leaders talk differently because they talk like people on Main Street, Minnesota. The contrast is stark. When leaders speak, Main Street listens. When bureaucrats and politicians speak, people fall asleep or nod sleepily in approval.

Wednesday morning, Duluth saw the difference between Al Franken, the career politician who uses Washingtonspeak, and Mike McFadden, the leader from Main Street, Minnesota.

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3 Responses to “McFadden vs. Franken, tale of the tape”

  • walter hanson says:


    I kind of wished that Mike had added, “Al you claim that you’re for organized labor. Building pipelines will cause thousands of organized members of labor to go to work and make over fifty thousand dollars a year! How can’t you be for that if you’re for organized labor. I guess I’m the person organized labor should be supporting since you only want the votes of the environment movement.”

    Walter Hanson
    Minneapolis, MN

  • Gary Gross says:

    There’s a limited amount of time for rebuttals so I understand why he didn’t. Still, the people building pipelines know that “environmental extremists” aren’t their friends.

  • Chad Q says:

    The people who build pipelines know that environmental extremists aren’t their friends but they haven’t quite tied that extremism to the DFL because those same people keep voting the DFL into power.

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