A Sad Day for SCSU?
by Silence Dogood

The Mankato Free Press published an article on September 10, 2011 entitled:

In the article it states: “St. Cloud State is in its fifth straight year of decline.” It also states that Mankato took the crown of being the “second largest university in Minnesota” two years ago.

It is amazing that the Mankato Free Press understands that it’s full-year equivalent (FYE) that is important and not headcount. The importance of this distinction is something that the St. Cloud Times has repeatedly failed to understand.

The article continues:

The article also cites that FYE is up, so far, by 0.4% from last year. That’s a stark contrast with SCSU, which has projected a 4-5% decline in FYE for FY15. Summer enrollment at SCSU was already down in FYE by 9.4%, as compared to the prior summer and fall enrollments looks to be down as well.

David Jones continues:

What’s SCSU response? Hire two additional consultants: the RDG Planning & Design Group out of Des Moines, Iowa and the Sextant Group headquartered out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to undertake a Comprehensive Facilities Planning Initiative. Apparently, SCSU is very concerned that the two empty dorms on campus look good and have nice signage.

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