Last fall, I wrote this post to highlight how empty ISELF was. ISELF was so disappointing that KSTP’s Tom Hauser interviewed me about the calamity. Leah McLean wrapped up KSTP’s article by saying “Still, they are saying they are hopeful that the building will be fully operational by the spring semester or early next year.”

It’s now fall semester at SCSU. That definitely qualifies as “early next year” based on the context SCSU officials used in their interview with KSTP. It’s time to see if ISELF is fully operational and filled with students. This ISELF lab doesn’t look like it’s getting used:

Classrooms and labs aren’t always a good indicator. The ISELF STEM Cafe should be a better indicator of activity in ISELF:

That looks like the ISELF building from last year. This picture tells a disturbing story:

If you look closely at how Room 108 is being used, you’ll see it’s being used for “African Studies.” It’s clear that SCSU made a decision to fill the building up with whatever classes were willing to use the building. As is usually the case, SCSU administration means President Potter.

It wouldn’t be fair if I didn’t point out that ISELF is getting some legitimate use:

When Tom Hauser interviewed Dan Gregory, Gregory said that they normally don’t have grand opening ceremonies on buildings until 3-4 months after they’ve opened. Then Gregory made this too-clever-by-half statement: In this case, we opened it strategically.

If that’s true, which I’d bet it isn’t, then Gregory’s strategy failed miserably. You can put a ton more lipstick on that white elephant but the truth is that it’s a financial albatross to Minnesota’s taxpayers.

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  • Crimson Trace says:

    It appears that much of the little utilization of ISELF consists of classroom and conference room usage. And very little at that. I suspect a vast majority of taxpayers wouldn’t think that spending $44 million of their money to build an empty building for this purpose. So African Studies now uses ISELF? Isn’t Holes Hall also empty?

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